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 Aspiring artist MZY Ralpho is a determined rapper with national appeal. His music combines a unique style with witty lyrics and a true passion for Hip-Hop. At first listen, it is evident that this young maverick has the power and the talent to become a household name on the urban music circuit.

The buzzing Texas artist is one of the top independent rappers to watch in 2021. Raised along with his sister and brother in a single parent household, MZY Ralpho raps with purpose and conviction. The incredibly gifted, multi-talented rhyme slinger paints portraits of his world with his music. He has honed a refreshing style that combines street tales with wisdom and food for thought. His music conveys an element of truth and realness.

MZY Ralpho is excited to release his critically acclaimed solo debut single “Y3AH” to the masses. This release is the perfect project to vibe to for the summer and to listen to when riding your whip. The single is cinematic, motivational, memorable, exciting and passionate. With a staunch at simply making good music, the prolific southern rapper is sure everyone will relate and love his sound, no matter what age they are. It is only a matter of time before his fearless authentic sound gets the recognition from major players in the Rap game.

The concept of my single ‘Yeah’ is basically that we want to shine our light and will do anything to protect our light. This song is about fighting depression and poverty. I create music to impact the minds of great innovators and creators.

MZY Ralpho

“Y3AH” is now available on Spotify and all online retailers including iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer and YouTube Music.

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