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Funkmaster Flex is far from being Drake’s best friend, but the Hot 97 deejay is giving props to the Toronta rap star. This didn’t sit well with Gillie Da Kid and the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, which was aired on Monday (Feb. 1).

Gillie had a few harsh words for Flex after he crowned Drake as a better artist than Jay-Z.

So you sittin’ here telling me that an R&B rapper is the greatest f*ckin’ rapper of all time? That’s what the f*ck you said…. Drake is great but the greatest of all time?!

Gillie Da Kid

Flex responded by defending his opinion.

I been in a lot of clubs and I played a lot of records. And I’ve been in a lot of big rooms and I’ve played a lot of concerts. You know in a set of 3,000 people, you can play 15-20 Drake songs back-to-back tomorrow. I can’t play 20 Jay-Z [songs] back-to-back. I can’t.

Funkmaster Flex

This prompted Gillie to accuse Flex of being a prisoner of the moment and ignoring the impact Jigga had on Hip-Hop.

N*gga, Jay-Z been out 40 years!

Gillie Da Kid

Flex replied,

For some people who absorb music. … Drake is Michael Jackson to some of these kids. Hov ain’t as creative as Drake.

Funkmaster Flex

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