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T.I. & Tiny's Reality Show Picked Up For Another Season
Posted: Wednesday - March 28, 2012 | Comments: (0)

T.I. T.I. and wife Tiny will be sharing a little bit more of their family life with fans. T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle, their VH1 reality show, has been picked up for another season.  


The news was long expected but only recently confirmed. The show did quite well in its first season averaging 3.5 million viewers during its Monday night premieres and first encore showings. Matched up with Love & Hip Hop, which is in its second season, and Basketball Wives, which is in its fourth, it helped VH1 dominate key women demographics on Mondays.


The docu-series is scheduled to return fall 2012; however, a date for the season premiere has not yet been set. Full episodes in addition to clips and bonus content are currently available on the cable network’s website at www.vh1.com.


In other news, T.I. recently announced plans to star alongside actor Tom Cruise in an upcoming film titled We Mortals Are. The sci-fi war film, which is slated to be directed by Doug Liman, will tell the story of a solder in a futuristic war, who finds himself endlessly reliving the last day before his death.  


“We also have a new Tom Cruise film with Doug Liman who made The Bourne Identity, Swingers,” said Tip while talking with Forbes magazine. “I have that as well on the horizon… aside from that, I have some other films that I’m looking into, something with Kevin Hart that I’m looking into, something with Omar Epps that I’m looking into.”


- By Kim Taylor

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