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Hard beats and hard rhymes; both have been core staples of Hip-Hop since the culture’s inception. And while artists of today often circumvent this with gimmicks, an artist that combines the two cannot be denied. It’s a simple formula that is and will always be effective.

Hailing from Buffalo, New York, rising rapper Joe Dirrt brings this formula to life and he is excited to release the second single titled “The Truth” from his sophomore album “Dirrt Season Vol. 1.”

My single ‘The Truth’ is about me speaking on certain situations that happened and instead of putting hands on somebody I decided to use my words on a record expressing how I felt. I’m also showing love to fellow NY rapper Pop Smoke – R.I.P. – who was a dope talent and at the moment ain’t nobody messing with me.”

Joe Dirrt

Spearheaded by the blazing lead singles, “Shootin’ Dice” and “The Truth”, his new album showcases why Joe Dirrt is a breath of fresh air in the oversaturated urban music market. The LP is cinematic, motivational, memorable, exciting and passionate and the lead singles are making an impact among DJs and fans alike.

Chock full of amazing beats and lyrics, Joe Dirrt’s album “Dirrt Season Vol. 1” is a project that refreshes the true spirits of Hip-Hop in a way rarely seen. Offering something for everyone and every mood, the album is the perfect soundtrack to your life.

You can’t help but look out for Joe Dirrt!

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