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Reports suggest that a considerable percentage of Black communities are skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccines and while America works to make vaccines available to the entire nation, Plies is positive that he will take one when he can.

On Monday (Feb. 1), the Florida rapper voiced his opinion on Twitter.

I’m getting vaccinated the first chance I get. How I look @ It I put things in my body everyday I don’t know where it come from. If I done trusted the weed man (Who I didn’t know), ate from the food truck outside the club, drunk Hennessy & Red Bull & survived. I should be str8.


According to medical studies, the vaccine can lead to allergic reactions and some who have taken it have claimed they developed Bell’s Palsy although the latter has not been confirmed by health professionals.

According to the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, in clinical trials, the Pfizer vaccine was shown to be 95% effective and the Moderna vaccine 94% effective at protecting participants from the virus.

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