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As a nod to the platform that helped launch his multi-platinum career, rapper PnB Rock flexes his A&R skills and taps up-n-coming artists and producers for his new 12-track mixtape, “Soundcloud Daze.”

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Rock says: “I know what it’s like to be trying to get your music out there and for me it’s easy to tap in with the new wave and help them out. Their music is also fire so it’s a no brainer for me.”

“Soundcloud Daze” features future hitmakers like Pasto Flocco, Yung Fazo, TennisBoyWiLL and IAYZE.


  1. Lessons (ft. Pasto Flocco) (Prod. by Oliver Easton & Justxrolo)
  2. I’m Chosen (ft. Yung Fazo) (Prod. by Oliver Easton, igy & Prayinghate)
  3. Main Bitch (Prod. by Pro Logic & Alex Lustig)
  4. BALENCI (Prod. by Renegade)
  5. UP (ft. TennisBoyWiLL) (Prod. by Manny Laurenko & MirGotti)
  6. Fury (Prod. by Foreign V)
  7. No Skeemz (ft. IAYZE) (Prod. by Oliver Easton & Jae)
  8. Told U I’d Be There (ft. TennisBoyWiLL) (Prod. by Oliver Easton & maxmadethebeat)
  9. Lately (Prod. by Lucky 20)
  10. In My Zone- PnB Meen (Prod. by Warheart)
  11. Rewind- TennisBoyWiLL (Prod. by Warheart)
  12. StiLL ARounD (Prod. by Warheart & Miguelisaneko)

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