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Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA teamed up with ESPN’s The Undefeated to release “Be Like Water,” a new song and video inspired by the Bruce Lee documentary “Be Water.” The tribute to the legendary martial arts fighter arrives ahead of the 30 For 30 film’s premiere, which is scheduled to air on Sunday (June 7) at 9 pm Eastern.

Bruce Lee melded so many different styles of martial arts with moves from Muhammad Ali, philosophies from Taoism and Buddhism, but he was also conscious of [people like] Malcolm X and the struggle of black America. It shows up all in his work and his persona.


The hit producer, whose affinity for kung fu is evident throughout his work, also talked about the enduring influence of Bruce Lee’s movies.

Those films together were pivotal sources of inspiration for me. Think about it. [In Enter the Dragon], there’s an incorporation of the white karate guy with John Saxon, the black martial arts brother with Jim Kelly and Asian with Bruce Lee. They were all working together against the oppressor who was poisoning the people. If you add in a few other elements, that’s our country, bro!


Check out ESPN’s trailer for “Be Water” below.

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