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Some days ahead of last Thursday’s (Nov. 19) Verzuz battle, Jeezy released a new single titled “Therapy For My Soul,” where he dissed several people, including 50 Cent.

Since we talkin’ boss talk, let’s address the sucka sh*t/ Grown man playin’ on Instagram real sucka sh*t/ Why the f*ck this clown n*gga playin’ with my legacy?/ Solid in these streets, that’s some sh*t that you will never be/ Talking ’bout power, but weak n*ggas do the most/ In real life, n*gga you really borrow money from Ghost/ All that lil’ boy sh*t, yeah, it make it evident/ Made millions in these streets, what the f*ck is 50 Cent?


50 did not immediately respond to the diss, but fans knew it was coming. The G-Unit boss hopped online to throw jabs at Jeezy during his Verzuz battle with Gucci Mane, agreeing with 21 Savage who shaded Jeezy in the comments section all night.

Jeezy may have squashed his beef with Gucci Mane, but seems to have sparked old beefs in the process.

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