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Benin-born artist Otis Maho reveals his brand new single entitled “Just Try,” released via indie label MEG Entertaiment.

After a hiatus of several years, the passion-fueled African artist illustrates the ups and downs of life and to keep on fighting no matter what on the motivational and inspirational song. Being from the second-largest continent, the charismatic Afro-Fusion musician leans into the pulsating production with positive verses punctuated by his soulful tone.

Through uplifting melodies and inspiring lyrics, “Just Try” becomes a harmonious anthem that encourages listeners to aim high while appreciating the journey’s joys and triumphs. The title serves as a reminder that each milestone, no matter how seemingly small, contributes to the grand symphony of success and fulfillment.

When asked about his single “Just Try?”, Otis Maho explained: “My comeback single ‘Just Try’ is an uplifting song to motivate those who want to give up their dreams. I’m a living example, who had depression, ups and downs, but I chose not to give up and keep trying!”

The West African music export has been featured in the prestigious Nigerian Tribune, which is one of Africa’s biggest newspapers, calling Otis Maho a “unique and dynamic” musician and glorifying the energetic artist as the next big thing to watch out for from Africa.

Otis Maho always had a strong musical background that reflects in his music today without denying his traditional African roots. Inspired by his mother, who sings in a Gospel choir, Otis was always surrounded by music. Before pursuing a music career, Otis Maho was a much talented and skilled boxing champion with an international career who travelled the world. But his passion for music won the fight.

Press play below and stream Otis Maho’s new single “Just Try” on all platforms.

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