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Captivating Washington, DC rapper Buddah Baby aka The DMV Reppa is making waves with his electrifying music that marries stellar beats with impressive wordplay.

Buddah Baby is undoubtedly carving out his own path. The skillful rhymespitter aimed to make the best out of his circumstances and honed in on his artistry, which quickly earned him recognition in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and beyond. His melodic music oozes with charm and an undeniable charisma.

With his intriguing style and catchy beats, the aspiring wordsmith has garnered a dedicated following in the DMV area and beyond. He has carved out a distinctive space for himself in the industry. What sets him apart from many other artists is his ability to seamlessly blend various genres and create a sound that is truly his own.

With his unique approach to production and songwriting, the multi-talented rhymespitter has become a reputable artist in the Hip-Hop community. His ability to create music that resonates with audiences from different backgrounds and his commitment to pushing boundaries have earned him a dedicated following and critical acclaim.

If you are a true Hip-Hop enthusiast, then you will enjoy this budding DMV rapper.

Yo Buddah Baby! Before we get into it, how are you feeling today? How is life treating you?

I’m feeling inspired. Life is treating me well. I can’t complain!

First off, how did you get your rap name Buddah Baby?

My rap name was just “Buddah” at first. A childhood friend from my neighborhood gave me the nickname. His name was Carlos. “Buddah Baby” came from me introducing myself on songs. I would chant, “They call me Buddah Baby!” before I would rap on my earlier records. From then on it just organically grew to me calling myself “Buddah Baby.”

How long have you been making music and who are some of the artists that inspired you to make music growing up?

I have been making music for 15 years. I was heavily influenced by Go-Go Music when I was growing up. 1. Big G from the Backyard Band. 2. Rah Rah from Northeast Groovers. 3. Tupac 4. Bone Thugs N Harmony. 4. The Geto Boys. 5. Death Row Records.

What was the first Hip-Hop song you ever heard and what did you love about it?

I can’t remember the first Hip-Hop song I ever heard. I can tell you what Hip-Hop song inspired me:  Dr. Dre (ft. Snoop Dogg) with “Nothing But A G Thang.” I loved the layed back feel the song has. When Dre and Snoop rapped I felt like I was on the West Coast with them

How much of your real life comes out in your songs? Where do you get your influences from when crafting music in general?

I would say 75% is my real life. I draw from normal conversations or real life experiences. I look at life as poetry in motion. I just sit back and analyze the world. Every little moment is a new chapter

For those who are not familiar with you yet, how would you describe your style and sound?

Raw, authentic, honest, homegrown Hip-Hop. My style is soulful, heartfelt rap.

Your new album “Buddah Baby Frequency” is currently heating up the streets. Let the readers know what your project is all about. What is the concept and message behind the release?

My album is about me betting on myself. The concept is me turning nonbelievers into believers through hard work and dedication. My message is to chase your dreams despite life’s obstacles. Be your greatest asset!

Your single “Champion” is a standout track to us. What is the deeper meaning behind it?

The meaning behind “Champion” is I came, I saw, I conquered. Every roadblock that was put in front of me I ran through. I never gave up! I focused on the mission at hand.

Your new single “Can Do” featuring Sean Kingston will be released soon. That’s a major feature! What can your fans and the general audience look forward to?

You can look forward to me having fun on my Sean Kingston single. “Can Do” is for the ladies. It’s a club track with a lot of bass.

What other projects are you currently working on as we speak?

I have a single with Conway The Machine dropping in the spring. I also have a record with Boosie Badazz dropping in the summer.

Musically, who’s that one recording artist and/or mogul you look up to and say, “I want a career similar to his?”

I look up to my cousin Raheem DeVaughn. He has a cult following. He tours yearly. I admire his humbleness, hard work and consistency.

What is your opinion about the music industry in general? What would you change if you could through the eyes of an artist?

The music business is big business. You get out what you put in. Nobody is going to teach you the game. You have to search for the knowledge. I would change the ownership of the music catalog. I would make it more fair and favorable to the creative entity.

What are your personal and professional goals you have set for you and your music?

My personal goal is to build a legacy that’s respected for generations to come. Creating memorable music that the fans will enjoy and love. My professional goal is to open more doors for artist from the DMV. I want our voices to be heard more on a global scale.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I would like to thank the readers for taking the time to get to know me as an artist. “Buddah Baby Frequency,” the album is out now on all digital streaming platforms.


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