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After his homophobic rant at Rolling Loud Miami back in 2021, DaBaby was almost canceled.

The Cleveland-born rapper sat down with Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast on Wednesday (November 15), where he revealed that despite losing an eye-watering $200 million because of his comments, he realized that it was also a teachable moment that came with an important lesson.

“The way that parked me,” DaBaby told Shannon Sharpe at around the 1:49:45 mark. “Who is to say where I would be mentally and spiritually had I not been forced to sit my ass down and self-reflect? ‘Cause I still didn’t sit down even when [the incident] took place. I’m fighting … ‘Hell nah, that ain’t what it is.’” He added, “‘Cause I’m a good fighter,’” explaining that God told him to, “‘Sit yo ass down.’”

DaBaby continued, “I don’t regret anything that I done been through. It feels so good to really be able say that and mean it. I done probably said that before but I ain’t mean it. It’s like ‘Boy I wish I had my $200 million, y’all robbed me.’ I don’t feel like that. … I really feel like that’s a blessing in disguise at this point in my life. I just came to that realization in the past two weeks. I really feel like I needed that season that I done had to endure. I needed that.”

The incident made national headlines and drew ire from countless people, including pop star Dua Lipa and Amber Rose.

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