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Meet Danny Araybayev, known to many as The Cartier Doctor. Danny is the man your favorite athletes and rap stars call when it’s time for them to get iced up. Specializing in custom eyewear Danny just launched his new venture Jewelz For The Face, having an insane resume with his jewelry and optical background, he is ready to take over the game. When you look at his high profile clients they include 42 Dugg, Fivio Foreign, Bobby Schmurda, Icewear Vezzo, it’s not a secret that Danny is number one in every rapper’s rolodex.

Yo! Raps got with Danny for an exclusive interview and we talked about many things. From his family background with Avianne & Co. learning the game and working his way up, to his decade plus experience in Opticianry, and how Jewelz For The Face was even busy during the pandemic.

What’s going on Danny and thank you for speaking with Yo! Raps. Congrats on the new venture Jewelz For The Face! First off, how did you even come up with the name? I always found it interesting how someone came up with their name fascinating. Tell us the story?

I came up with the name because glasses are ‘Jewelry for the Face.’

Doing my research, you entered the business through your family with Avianne & Co Jewelers who are power players in the industry. What can you say you learned the most coming up in the business with your family to now venturing off and doing your own thing?

I learned nothing comes without a grind or a plan, and I am grateful to have big players in the industry backing and supporting and guiding me.

You studied Opticianry for over a decade. Give the readers of Yo! Raps a basic explanation of what Opticianry is?

Opticianry is getting peoples vision right by filling prescriptions, filling RX glasses, learning the dynamics of glasses and learning how to repair and assemble glasses.

With Jewelz For The Face, even with your experience this is a competitive industry. While already having previous clientele from Avianne & Co Jewelers, what were the obstacles to bring clients into your personal venture?

We started as one of the first doing custom eyewear, we set the trend. People were not use to spending thousands of dollars so I would educating in the beginning took time for people to have vision.

You have a keen passion for bespoke diamonds, can you quickly break down what those are for many who are unfamiliar? Adding on custom engraving, which is your specialty, how does that all come into play when a client high profile wants something done?

At first we decide what size, color and cut the client wants. From there we go onto the lenses. We can do anything. Imagine the frames as a blank canvas we can do anything.

The crazy part about Jewelz For The Face is that you launched in 2020 that was during the pandemic year.

During the pandemic, we used that time to build the business so it was a perfect time to start off being that most places were closed. Me and my team were able to build.

When it comes to designer glasses that you do custom engravings for, which eyewear brand is the most requested? Let me guess: Cartier?

Cartier but Maybach is coming hard.

On average, what do they cost when a high profile client reaches out to you for something custom? What is the process to even have a final product done timeframe-wise?

First we discuss the design, shape, color, prescription or not, and diamonds or without. Once all is decided then we go into production, which can take anywhere from 7-10 business days. Price starts at $1.500 for minimal custom work and can reach the tens of thousands.

Which client dropped the biggest bag on something you had to design? Who was your favorite client to work with?

I don’t discuss what people spent and I have a great relationship with all my clients.

I see Ashanti showed you much love on social media. I know that had to bring big business, what did you design for her specifically?

Ashanti wanted a classic look because it was based on a 90’s theme.

Do you have a dream client that you like to work with and why?

Drake and Future as they are at the top of their game.

Jewelz For The Face plans to launch their own eyewear line based on Jewelry concepts soon, We would love some details on that!

Too soon to talk about. People are watching my moves so I keep it under wraps.

Danny, it was a pleasure speaking with you and much congrats on your new venture. Any final message for the readers of Yo! Raps? I know one thing for sure, the clients have to come with their money right.

Thank you for your time and great questions.

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