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Young Buck’s financial problems are a never ending story.

Shortly after getting out of Tennessee’s Cheatham County Jail, where he had been since December 2019, the former G-Unit rapper officially filed for bankruptcy and said that he only had $100 in cash to his name. Buck revealed that he is relying on his girlfriend for his every day needs.

In order to raise some cash, the Nashville rapper started fundraising on social media. Last week, he recorded a video of himself explaining his new plan for the “Buck 4 Buck” campaign.

Breaking news, man. Listen up world, I just seen in the headlines what they were saying, I only got $100 in my pocket, I only got $100 worth of clothes, $100 worth of jewelry — shit like that. I figure now is the perfect time to go there and start a GoFundMe. Send me $1, that’s all need. Just $1, man.

Young Buck

I guess everybody checking out the headlines about me only have $100 in my pocket…so I put my Cash App up y’all. One buck for Buck, man. That’s all it takes, man. Let’s fix this. I almost got a million followers so one buck for Buck, let’s see what it do.

Young Buck

Last month, Buck filed for bankruptcy and the court documents allegedly state he asked to “reject any and all executory contracts with G-Unit and/or Curtis Jackson.” Buck cites G-Unit as his only employer for the last seven years.

It is embarrassing that a former millionaire like Young Buck, who wasted his money for nonsense, is now asking everyday people, who may suffer from the pandemic crisis, to pay him. We encourage everyone not to pay one single dollar to Buck!

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