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If you have ever been a part of a one-sided relationship, it is likely you are keenly aware of the loneliness that can exist. They could physically be in the room sitting right next to you, but you can still feel alone because you are not being emotionally seen and taken care of.

Even though you are committed to your significant other, there is a fundamental difference between being selfless in love and loving someone who takes it all in without giving you anything meaningful in return. That is the story that buzzing Orlando artist Etoc has been gone though. His music is like a diary. He shares all of his ups and downs and his highs and lows with the audience.

On October 20, the spellbinding and versatile Florida-based performer will release a new introspective and heartfelt Pop/Rock song about these intense struggles titled “Bad Little Vibe.” The soul piercing lyrics are bold and profound. The song is extraordinarily precise, emotionally rich and powerfully persuasive. Released via Moon Boots Records, the single will be available on Spotify and all online retailers including iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer and YouTube Music.

Preview Etoc’s new single “Bad Little Vibe” below:

My new song ‘Bad Little Vibe’ is a track about one sided relationships. I wanted to highlight the struggles and inconsistencies that are a result of this. In addition, it expresses the difficulty in trying to comprehend someone’s mentality or mindset when you’re putting so much into making that connection work but it’s not being reciprocated.


Etoc’s intense energy and undeniable flair capture his listeners. He has an international appeal and his music ascends above regional boundaries. His lyrics, cadence, and flow are spectacular. Part of what makes Etoc so intriguing is his ability to connect with his listeners. There is an undercurrent of realness and authenticity in his voice. He is living proof that when you follow your heart’s direction it leads you to your passion.

Visit his official website: www.musicofetoc.com

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