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Freddie Gibbs is keeping himself busy as he plans to work on 4 new albums.

The Indiana rapper confirmed the information to XXL Magazine, “Alchemist and Madlib ain’t goin’ nowhere, so keep that in mind. And me and Boi-1da in the studio now real, real, real heavy.” He also teased a possible R&B project, “I’m making the best music of my life, so it’s no reason to stop. And I’m the king of R&B, so I gotta do that album as well.”

Release dates for the albums are yet to be announced, however it will mark the eight project from the Madlib/Gibbs duo, the third studio album with Alchemist and a debut effort with Canadian producer Boi-1da.

Gibbs additionally opened up about his foray into acting, explaining that he’s taking the craft seriously after receiving reward for his lead role in “Down With The King.”

“I’m going into this thing full force because I really think I can be the next Don Cheadle, the next Samuel L. Jackson. I can really dig into that world,” he stated. “I’m studying. I’m working, taking my classes. I’m doing what I gotta do to be the best at it. I want to be considered one of the best. I don’t want to just be some goddamn rapper in some hood movies. That ain’t me. I need to be up there with the Mahershala Alis.”

Gibbs continued, “My goal is to be the best rapper-transition-actor ever, of all time. That’s my mission right now. I think I can accomplish that if I sink my teeth into the acting world the same way I did in the rap world. I look at guys like Ice Cube, Mos Def, Common, even Joey Bada$$, 50 Cent. Damn, those guys are an inspiration to me.”

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