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Former Cash Money signee Turk is glad that his Hot Boys teammate, B.G., is a free man but says his Lil Wayne diss was uncalled for.

In an interview with Big High TV that went live on Tuesday (January 9), Turk addressed his fellow New Orleans rapper going at Weezy

“I think that song is a great song,” the 42-year-old said. “Everything, man, is cool until the diss come on, y’know what I’m saying? Like me, personally, I don’t feel that was needed, but like B.G. said, we do have a certain way that we talk, and he did came and he cleared it out like a man.”

On the track, “Gangstafied,” with Finesse2Tymes, B.G. – who made up 1/4 of the legendary Hot Boys – reignited his feud with Weezy.

“My n-gga Boosie went home and my dawg was steady blowing/ My n-gga Weezy steady touring but he’s bitch and it’s showing/ I’m still a living legend, don’t act like you didn’t know it/ But they had my hands tied, caught up on that chain gang/ Just like on the streets, all through the pen you know my name rang,” B.G. raps to close out the track.

With tracks like “Bling Bling” and “I Need a Hot Girl,” the Hot Boys impacted Rap music and popular culture in the late 90s with their lyrics and trendsetting slang.

B.G. and Lil Wayne have known each other since they were both teenagers, though their issues began after the former left Cash Money Records in the early 2000s to start his own record label.

After the diss dropped, B.G. said Weezy was still family but that their relationship is complicated.

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