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Legendary rapper Method Man was recently interviewed by 3rd Bass member and former host of VH1’s “The (White) Rapper Show”, MC Serch for his new podcast “The Serch Says.”

The Wu-Tang rapper spoke candidly about his childhood, marriage, place in Hip-Hop culture, and relationship to U-God’s sister.

The crazy thing with the Method Man interview is he met his wife when they were in middle school and they started dating in high school, and U-God is his brother-in-law. I don’t think a lot of people know that. I was like, ‘Oh shit!’ You were dating you U-God’s sister.’

MC Serch

But the most interesting part about the interview was Meth talking about how much he respects Inspectah Deck, revealing he was on his list of Top 5 MCs.

To me, Inspectah Deck is one of the most underrated MCs of all time.

MC Serch


Method Man

Meth continues,

I think a lot of the appeal to Deck is … remember back in the days, before videos, and you heard an MC, you had to kind of … you never knew what they looked like, all you could focus on was the words. I think if Deck came in that era right there where all they could focus on was the words and not the spectacle of what’s going on around him, he would have blew up much more than he did.

Mathod Man

And the fact that, interview wise, he chose to step back and let other brothers do the talking and he did the action part of it, which kind of worked as far as his persona. He’s very well respected but when you think of Wu-Tang, honestly his name doesn’t come up first. But when you think iconic verses, his name is coming up first.

Method Man

Finally, Meth blatantly says it,

I’m giving him his roses now. Deck. Top 5, dead or alive!

Method Man

Who are the others in your Top 5, dead or alive?

MC Serch

Nobody. Deck. Deck. Deck. Deck. Fuckin’ Deck. My shit might change in the future but right now, my Top 5 is Deck.

Method Man

Furthermore, Meth revealed that Cappadonna essentially showed the rest of the Wu how to rap.

I grew up with Deck so I knew Deck was nice for the longest, the same way I know Capp was nice. People frontin’ on Capp and shit, but Capp damn near taught all of us to rhyme and shit. He was doing that way back before we was even thinking about fuckin’ rhymin.

Method Man

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