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Nicki Minaj responded to Megan Thee Stallion diss track “Hiss” with “Big Foot.”

The track has received mixed reviews but the Harajuku Barbie assured her fans and naysayers that this is just the beginning.

“I think Nicki got another joint tucked lowkey,” a fan tweeted on Monday (January 29) shortly after “Big Foot” was dropped. Minaj quoted the tweet and said, “I have 4 more baby. 4.”

A couple of minutes prior, Nicki addressed her plan and Megan’s lack of response.

“Yeah, empty your artillery on a [b*tch] that can’t even rap on beat,” she wrote. “Nah. [B*tch] said nobody was gon say nuffin & ain’t say sh*t since a bi**h said sumthin. Tell dat weak h*e get up on her good foot FIRST.”

“Big Foot” was a fiery record alleging that Megan Thee Stallion slept with her deceased mother’s boyfriend and lied about being shot by Tory Lanez.

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