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Since the release of the #1 iTunes hit “Facts,” Tom MacDonald and famous conservative talk show host Ben Shapiro amassed close to 8 million views on YouTube in only 4 days.

Corporate media outlets like TMZ reacted to the viral anti-woke hit with dismay. These mainstream publications such as Rolling Stone wrongly labeled MacDonald a “far-right troll rapper.”

“Call me conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat/ I’m somewhere in the middle, but y’all don’t know what to do with that/ The system got you so obsessed with classifying right or left/ You never call a person human, call ’em names instead,” the Canadian artist raps on “Names.”

On Ben’s 16, he takes aim at popular female rappers in the game such as Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

The polarizing song, which references culture wars and defunding the police, topped the iTunes charts and is accompanied by a music video, which received worldwide acclaim.

“Facts” openly rejects the glorification of destructive behavior that is so commonly promoted in Rap music, MacDonald explained during an appearance on Shapiro’s “The Ben Shapiro Show” podcast.

“In our song, in the pre-chorus, we talked about not promoting guns, not promoting drugs, we talked about not turning people’s sons into thugs and their daughters into h*es,” MacDonald said. “We sort of spoke out against what the status quo in Hip-Hop is, and for some reason we’re treated — we’re living in some sort of upside-down, backwards freak show — and it just seems like the most destructive material [is promoted].”

“Hip-Hop is full of a lot of destructive material; the promotion of violence, the romanticizing of mental health and prescription drugs recreationally — it seems like those things tend to get the most mainstream attention and then anything that speaks out against that, especially in our case, has been suppressed,” he added.

Press play below and watch the music video for “Facts”.

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