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One of the most successful independent rappers, Tom MacDonald, releases an anti-woke “American Flags” video in the wake of Jason Aldean hatred and backlash. The song pays respect to the American flag while giving rise to a feeling of patriotism.

The music video for “American Flags” dropped last Friday (July 28) and quickly generated more than 3 million views on YouTube. The song – featuring rapper and comedian Adam Calhoun – offers a red-meat salute to the Stars and Stripes along with a heaping helping of patriotism. The song’s message is that America is great because of the people. It paints corrupt politicians as the enemy.

My patriots the craziest, they ain’t afraid of breakin’ fists on faces
If you want a taste of this, no safety tip
The same mistake is ready to keep, I pray you miss
‘Cause if you don’t, they gon’ go wacko
Automatic gun smoke like tobacco
Never hit a lady but it’s pretty hard to tell if you’re a girl or a they, them, theirs, these, that, those
I ain’t never gonna take a knee for the anthem, smack em’
I don’t give a damn, can’t stand em’

Calhoun’s refrain is even more pugilistic:

Take a look inside my closet, you gon’ see way more than hangers
Hammers like I do construction, ammo, Imma shoot at somethin’
Why you think we own these guns? So we can just go do some huntin’?
You must not pay close attention
Government, they want division
Only treason if you lose, I guarantee we come out winnin’
Let my flag fly high like eagles
I went down for all my people
You can’t change me with procedures
I’m ‘bout freedom, you ‘bout evil
Leave you hangin’ from the ceilin’, like chandeliers in cathedrals
Never have the safety on, and when we run out we just reload

Tom MacDonald, a force to be reckoned with, fearlessly delves deep into societal critiques and offers introspective glimpses into his own life, resonating with countless fans who find solace and understanding in his lyrical prowess.

Press play and watch Tom MacDonald’s “American Flags” with Adam Calhoun.

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