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Hip-Hop needed a villain, but it got so much more from Tom MacDonald. After courting all kinds of controversy, fanning the flames of independent thought, putting the value in shock value, and subverting every rap stereotype, he does yet another 180 and rips bars for seven minutes about mental illness, personal struggles, and his story thus far on the new single and music video “Don’t Look Down.”

Orchestral production looms in the background as he launches into one confession after another and promises, “I will never let my mental illness be the cause of my downfall” and “I will never lie to none of my fans, if I did, it would sound wrong.”

The most controversial rapper in the world did the most controversial thing of all and showed his own beating heart in the track. Directed as always by girlfriend Nova Rockafeller, he raps right for the camera in the music video surrounded by clouds and flashes of lightning. He reminds everyone he’ll “never look down.”

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