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Longtime collaborators Boosie Badazz and Webbie aren’t on good terms for at least a year.

According to Webbie’s manager Derrick, their relationship hasn’t been the same since Boosie was released from jail last April.

In an interview with The Shade Room, Derrick talked about Boosie’s most recent Webbie rant.

Webbie don’t really give a fuck. Niggas get in their feelings and take shit out of proportion. Boosie and Webbie, they gon’ always be. It’s like peanut butter and jelly. Boosie went to jail, and Webbie was out here workin’. Webbie’s loyalty will always be Trill Entertainment. That’s what Webbie was talkin’ about. He’s a big person on loyalty. That’s all I know, and the legacy is what he’s talking about. It ain’t about no money. He’s been making money for years. It’s about the legacy.


Boosie accused fellow Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Webbie of missing several scheduled performances.

Everybody over at Bad Azz know, they know who to get at, when it’s business time. We had a couple of shows, but it was never no phone call to management to make shit go how it’s supposed to go. When you pay Webbie less than what he’s worth, you should only expect three songs. If he felt like you gave him $7,000 and he wanna do three songs for that, then that’s what it is.


The biggest problem for Boosie appeared to be Webbie not visiting him while he was locked up.

Some people felt some way about Webbie didn’t go to the jail house, but who wants to go to the jail house? Who wanna go there? That don’t make you fake cuz you didn’t go to the jail house. Boosie went to jail and they lost Bleek. They lost Phat. Who wanna see that? Lost Pimp C? Who wanna see that? He was reaching out as a brother. Like, where the fuck all these nigga was?


Nevertheless, Derrick hinted that there could be a reconciliation in the near future.

It’s not about the money. It don’t matter if Webbie gave him $2,000 and they gave him $200,000. We trying to do something for the Baton Rouge family and bring that light to the world. They gotta realize that Webbie carrying the whole squad. The whole Trill squad from every artist on the squad it was him and Boosie on the top.


Let’s sit down like grown men and handle this without having to work so hard. At the end of the day, it’s about business. Webbie got an album coming out real soon. You might hear Boosie, Gates, Master P. I don’ heard the songs. Since Boo got out of jail, it ain’t been time to get down like that. It ain’t been no slow down type conversation like me and you having. It ain’t been none of that.


According to Derrick, the current situation is just a temporary setback.

They family. I love Boosie just like I love Webbie. We want the best for both of them cuz we know what they can start. This is some different shit, It’s way different, we on some get the family and show other families how to get wealthy too.


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