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After days of publicly trading insults, rapper French Montana explained that he has no beef with fellow rapper Young Thug. According to French, the issue between the two artists was a “miscommunication.”

During an Instagram Live session with Fat Joe on The Joprah Show, French made it clear what truly was between him and Young Thug.

I want the people to know, all I did was stand up for myself at every situation. The Jim Jones beef, that was Max [B] beef but he’s my brother, so his beef is my beef. And I beefed with Jim 15 years ‘cause of Max, and I still didn’t squash the beef with Jim until Max said, ‘It’s all good.’ So that’s what type of guy I am.

French Montana

He continued,

You not gonna come and call me a fool knowing it was about something else that had nothing to do with me and Kendrick. It was wack and I hated that it happened like that since it’s Ramadan, it’s my second-day fasting. I want to do the positive thing here and stay out the way of trouble ‘cause at the end of the day, me, Thug, and Kendrick is three different artists. I just feel like I want everybody to do their thing. I ain’t got no beef with him. It wasn’t no real beef. It was a miscommunication.

French Montana

The problem between the two rappers dates back to last week when French Montana claimed that he could go hit for hit with anybody, including Kendrick Lamar, which caused a reaction from Young Thug.

Stupid ass nigga say he got more hits than Kendrick Lamar.

Young Thug

The statement was the reason for a week-long back and forth between the artists.

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