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Simon & Schuster announced that it will publish “The Gucci Mane Guide to Greatness” by platinum selling recording artist and New York Times bestselling author Gucci Mane on October 13, 2020.

In this inspiring follow up to his iconic 2017 memoir, “The Autobiography of Gucci Mane,” Gucci Mane gifts readers with his playbook for living your best life, offering an unprecedented look at his secrets to success, health, wealth, and self-improvement.

Packed with stunning photographs, “The Gucci Mane Guide to Greatness” distills the legend’s timeless wisdom into a one-of-a-kind motivational guidebook.

Gucci Mane emerged transformed after a turbulent life of violence, crime, and addiction to become a dazzling embodiment of the power of positivity, focus, and hard work. Using examples from his life of unparalleled success, Gucci Mane looks inward and upward to offer his blueprint for greatness.

I live by the principles in this book. I wanted to write this book to give you a tool set. This book should touch people who are going through something. It’s not going to be easy. But study these words, and put them into action. I want this book to keep you motivated. I want you to keep coming back to it for guidance and inspiration. You can put it on your shelf and keep going to ‘The Gucci Mane Guide to Greatness.’

Gucci Mane

This book is a challenge. Don’t underestimate yourself. Don’t think that what you’re saying is not important. Don’t think you can’t achieve the impossible. Everyone needs some game, so here it is. ‘The Gucci Mane Guide to Greatness’ is for the world. Enjoy.

Gucci Mane

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