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Kanye West is making a last-ditch attempt to win voters, vowing to end homelessness and hunger should he be elected as the 46th US president.

We will cure hunger. There are people sleeping in parking lots. We as a people will heal. We will insure the well being of each other. I was just speaking with someone that told me their life story and they used to be homeless We must and will cure homelessness and hunger We have the capability as a species.

Kanye West

Ye continued,

I hear people say … this person is cool and this person is not cool… people are cool… man has never invented anything as awesome as a an actual person but sometimes we value the objects we create over life itself.

Kanye West

He went on to add,

So many of us need so much less than we have especially when so many of us are in need.

Kanye West

Kanye has already admitted that he could not win the election after entering the race too late. Many believe he is trying to siphon votes away from Biden to help his pal, Donald Trump.

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