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Rapper Polo G shared a post on Instagram showing his newest jewelery, a Baphomet-style chain. The symbol has long been linked to Satanism.

Now, the Chicago rapper took to Twitter to deny the rumors that he sold his soul to the devil.

I just wanna know why people wanna say that I sold my soul? — Like, where the fck? Like, I watch my son and go to the studio. Where the fck would I find time to do some sht like that? Where the fck would I find time to do some sh*t?

Polo G

He continued,

Oh the um, the goat and the goat horns, it signifies the Baphomet. Half y’all ass wouldn’t even know how to fckin’ spell Baphomet if it wasn’t for autocorrect, you stupid btch.

Polo G

Fans began expressing concern over Polo’s potential Satanic affiliations ever since he first posted footage of the new chain earlier this month.

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