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Industry wars over money, publishing, royalties are common. And here you go once again with more industry issues.

Chinga Chang Records – better known as CCR Entertainment – is currently frustrated with a recent label deal gone wrong. It all started with a potential deal for rapper Dave East that has gone bad with many contract disputes looking shady. The CEO of CCR Entertainment puts a huge blame on industry veteran Chris Schwartz, CEO of Ruffhouse Records. Also a big issue in this dispute was El Camino’s project “Walk By Faith” along with Hip-Hop legend Kool G Rap’s  Half A Klip” that resulted in both projects gaining lots of pre-orders but yet payments were made we have been told.

Here is a public statement from CCR Entertainment, “Chris made millions in the 90’s discovering the Fugees, which was his breakout on Ruffhouse. Later on down the line he has worked with DMX, Beanie Sigel and more prominent names. Things have changed for Chris as he is now homeless. Using his wax company as a ponzi scheme to pay his rent.”

A representative from CCR adds, “Chris Schwartz does shady business, we hate to make this public, but as a business professional this is very shady and he should be avoided at all cost. He made a lot of history but this is definitely a stain on his legacy. I trusted him with everything and he’s a bonafide thief, I will not be shocked if he is not jailed or institutionalized in the near future.”

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