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Prolific Texas rapper Pimpin Change returns with the release of his critically acclaimed EP “Only In My Mind.” The introspective and soulful release promises to blow the minds of awaiting fans with the captivating sound that Pimpin Change is known and loved for. With the project’s 5 cuts, Pimpin Change delivers a creative and intriguing project, released via independent label Country Dreams Entertainment.

The aspiring southern Rap juggernaut’s EP is available now on the popular streaming platform Soundcloud. If you are a fan of stellar production and lyrical prowess, then this music release is for you. One listen to Pimpin Change’s tracks and they will stay stuck in your head for days.

“The project was inspired of all the thoughts inside my mind that I think about from time to time. The concept was I’m going to display my thoughts from inside my mind give people something from deep involved the back of my mind. The message is it’s ok to think theses things but be mature to handle your emotions as mature as possible!” Pimpin Change explains.

At a time when there is a blur between creativity and mediocrity, the southern wordsmith is a breath of fresh air in an oversaturated urban music market. “Only In My Mind” contains soul piercing lyrics and Pimpin Change’s words paint precise pictures. It captures the rapper’s vivid memories of his past and touches on matters close to his heart. “Only In My Mind” is honest and personal.


1. Stay Winning

2. Bottom Chick

3. Din You Down

4. Where Does This World End

5. Laid Back

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