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The weird situation between rapper Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion is getting more and more interesting by the day.

Popular podcaster Adam22 reported that Tory may have shot Megan in self defense. According to reports, Tory will actually claim “self defense” against the raptress to avoid going to prison for attempted murder.

Furthermore, Adam22 explained what happened the night of the shooting. He claims that he spoke with Tory and Megan’s friends, and they confirmed what happened.

Megan and Tory attended a party together and were hanging out with Kylie Jenner. According to the podcaster, Megan became drunk and was jealous of Kylie flirting with Tory. As a result, Megan became violent and attacked Tory, who pulled a gun to protect himself.

If Tory felt that Megan had the ability to seriously injure him, which she probably did, he may be legally justified in shooting her in the foot.

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