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Atlantic recording artist YBN Almighty Jay once again catches listeners off guard on his debut mixtape, “Battling My Spirit.” The Texas rapper inserts hard-earned wisdom between ice cold flows, clever observations, and hard-hitting hooks. He twists up the drank-induced Houston swagger of his hometown with modern trap-style lyrical fireworks. It comes alongside the official video to “Drank Sealed,” a nod to classic codeine-drenched H-town with a fresh fire.

When you listen to Battling My Spirit, I hope it opens up your ears and eyes to who I really am. I’m a young turnt individual who has been through a lot of life experiences. It took bumping my head a few times to find myself. Now, I found myself, and I’m on the right track to being successful so generations of my family are taken care of. I molded myself into somebody I’m proud of.

YBN Almighty Jay

YBN ignited this chapter with the single and Rock Davis-directed official visual to “Shoutout To My Dentist” where he devours an airy beat with rapid fire rhymes before the hypnotic chant. He also introduced fan’s to the outrageous “Bring Out The Hoochies” and the vulnerable title track “Battling My Spirit,” both complete with official videos.

Fans get every side of YBN Almighty Jay within this mixtape. One minute he approaches “Murder In My Eyes” with uninhibited intensity, and the next he slides into a braggadocious bounce on “Rich In The Hood.”


  1. Get Rich in the Hood
  2. Big Check
  3. Murder in My Eyes
  4. Battling My Spirit
  5. Drank Sealed
  6. Shout Out to My Dentist
  7. Bring Out The Hoochies
  8. Red Light Special

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