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Fresh off the release of the 4Hunnid compilation “Gang Affliated,” YG sat down for an interview with Adam22 from No Jumper where he introduced his 4Hunnid artists to the world: Day Sulan, Mitch, and D3.

The Los Angeles rapper also detailed his shoddy record deal. He was once upset about how his former label reportedly treated him, but YG now reflects on it all as karma. In fact, he has accused executives of stealing directly from him, although he stopped short of saying who was guilty of such theft.

When my sht start movin’ like, my record deal was fcked up for ten years straight. I just got out of that sht some months ago. So like, hell yeah, my sht was all bad. I never owned none of my music I put out from fckin’ my last album back. I ain’t own nothin’ so I just got out of that. But like, the fact that I was in some fcked up deal, you know what I’m saying, that made me start thinking about other sh*t.


I’m like, ‘I ain’t making no money with none of my music, I gotta do other sht.’ So, it turned me into whatever you want to call me, business ngga that got a brand.


Adam22 wanted to know if YG ever felt defeated or found it difficult to be self-motivated to create new music while under his deal.

It was hard. I was fcked up. But I did a lot of stealing and robbin’ and sht when I was young so, I look at it like, that was my karma. ‘Them motherfckin’ White people in offices stole from me and it was my karma ’cause I used to rob sht like, a lot… ‘YG, know how it feel to get stole from, n*gga. Don’t do no more stealing.’ Alright, thank you, God, I got you.


Watch YG and his 4Hunnid crew chat with No Jumper below.

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