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One of America’s original Hot Boys is still spitting a trail of fire to prove he can never be extinguished. B.G., one of New Orleans’ own, is hitting heavy on the radar as he goes full throttle in the industry to show his competition the definition of how you “Keep It 100,” since 1999 just won’t do.

The hardest working artist in the South is continually marking his territory with his current releases that have paved the road towards the anticipation of his slue of upcoming projects that’ll raise the musical bar up several notches. He’s already deep in acclaim after the success of his latest Chopper City Boyz collabo, “Life In The Concrete Jungle,” and his individual mixtape, “Chopper City On Fire.”

Currently, B.G. is gearing up to grit his teeth with Juvenile and DJ Drama to flash us a bit of that gutta heat from their latest Gangsta Grillz mixtape. He continues to swing deep in his southern roots bringing us “Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood,” his highly anticipated summer album that goes against the commercial industry grain by showcasing B.G.’s authenticity of staying true to what makes him unique.

“Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood” is already whispered on the lips of everyone who crosses its path as they keep it locked on repeat while rolling to the first single, “Keep It 100,” which is steadily rising up the charts. The album, which is expected to drop in July, is gassed up with some major guest features like Maino, Lil Wayne, Young Buck and Plies to name a few. It’s an incredible precursor of the things yet to come from B.G., who is also set to bring the world another element of his 100-esque ability when he drops a Hot Boys reunion album by the end of this year.

Yo! Raps, the magazine that brings you the best on what’s next, sat down with B.G. to give the fans an open door view to all the upcoming projects within the world of Chopper City. Get ready to take a smooth ride from 0 to 100.

What’s good with you, what’s on your mind today?

Chilling. I was in the studio all night working on some shit. I got this new album coming out, “Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood.” It’s coming out this summer, and then there’s the Hot Boys reunion. We’re wrapping up the lose ends on that. The world is gonna finally get that, and I already feel like it’ll be bigger than The Beatles. The timing is just so right and so perfect. Everybody went through what they went through at the same time. We came in the game together as one big happy family. Things happened, we all were young. Family always gets back together and acknowledges what they did wrong and then they keep it moving. So, I’m looking forward to this Hot Boys reunion album, my solo project, this Chopper City Boys album and being on the road a lot doing a lot of dates. I’m going to be doing this “Hollyhood Tour” once I drop the album. Shit, I’m gon’ just stay at it. All work, no play!

How many of the Hot Boys are coming back for the reunion? Were all of you able to get back in on the action?

Aw man, well you know Turk locked up right now. He was supposed to come home March 16th, but hopefully he’ll be home sometime next month and then it’ll definitely be all four of us, Me, Wayne, Juvenile and Turk. Then Mannie Fresh is gon’ come back in with the production, you know what I’m saying, and give us those songs that made us who we are today. You know, it’s gon’ be real real sweet.

That’s nice. Each of you individually went off and became successful solo acts, now that you’re coming back together as one, how do you think your solo accomplishments will boost the group even further?

We’ve shown everyone that we can stand on our own two feet. Even when we were the Hot Boys, we were all solo artists. All of us staying relevant wasn’t by accident. All of us brought something different which is what made the Hot Boys so flavorful like a pot of gumbo. B.G. don’t sound like Juvey, Juvey don’t sound like Wayne, Wayne don’t sound like B.G. and B.G. don’t sound like Wayne. We all just got our own style and our own way with words and when we put it all together that seasoning is amazing.

What’s good with the upcoming album “Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood”? Are you making a statement to all these commercial rappers that are coming out here selling records and not making real music anymore?

That’s me. That’s the definition of who I am [Laughs]. I’m not Hollywood but I’m Hollyhood. The same way I came in the game, is the same way I’m going out, G’d up and soldiered out. No amount of success is going to make me change who I am at heart. That’s who I am as a person. I’m still that nigga from the block. Like Jennifer Lopez said, “I’m still Jenny from the block.” [Laughs] I’m just “Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood.” These labels will try to change your image and tell you that you need a crossover record or we need a commercial record. They want you to do this and do that and I ain’t never been the one to crossover. Every time I crossed over, the game crossed over to me. You know what I’m saying?

Do you, and I’m gon’ do me. Y’all can follow my lead because I know what the people want to hear from me. I’m in these streets and in these clubs. I know what they want while they’re just sitting in these suites on Avenue of the Americas trying to tell me what the people want. I’m never been that nigga that follows some other nigga, you know what I’m saying? What works for him ain’t gon’ work for me, and what works for me ain’t gon’ work for him. That’s all about being different and maintaining individuality. You know what I’m saying? That’s why everything on the radio mostly all sounds alike. That’s not the route I’m trying to go.

So you and Juvenile have been chilling in the studio together, what are y’all working on?

Me and Juvey are doing that Gangsta Grillz with DJ Drama. We have this mixtape we’re doing with Drama, and that’s gonna be hot. That’s going to be sweet. Me and him went in the studio together and we’ve got about 6 more songs to do. So far we’ve done about 8 or 9 and then we’ll give it to Drama and let him do his thang, you know, put it in the streets. People will be wondering, “What’s that all about,” and then by that time we’ll give ’em that Hot Boys reunion and then they’ll have that full package. Then they gon’ be like, “Oh, I understand now.” [Laughs]

Okay, Okay [Laughs]. Let me see if I got this straight, you got the “Chopper City On Fire” mixtape out, B.G. and the Chopper City Boyz’ “Life In The Concrete Jungle” out, and now we’re waiting on that “Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood,” and also a Hot Boys reunion. Whew… what’s going on with you B.G., you’re on high alert right now? What’s making you thrust towards the game so strong, you’re definitely balancing a lot?

I’ve just been sitting back peeping, watching learning and observing, but I always slipped a lil something on ‘em just to let ‘em know. I wanted to see how high the expectations were gon’ be and if the streets fucked me as much as I thought they were fuckin’ with me, and they really do. Everytime I looked up they were like, “B.G., what’s up with that new album, I’m tired of seeing coming soon, coming soon. We want it, we need it.“ So I knew then, that it was finally time.

So how’s “Keep It 100” doing on the charts?

It’s doing real real good. We went through an independent. I’m grass rooting it. I’m building it from the block to the top.

I like that. You definitely gotta build that platform so that as you keep reaching the top your community will keep pushing you higher. You’re on your business.

Most definitely, I try to be. I try to be.

When can we expect that Hot Boys reunion album to come out and that “Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood”?

For the Hot Boys, hopefully we can have it for y’all by the end of this year. I know we’re gon’ have it done in no time. We already got records done, but I think that’ll be a nice Christmas present or a nice Thanksgiving feast or something. I’m thinking fall quarter. As for “Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood,” we’re pushing for this summer. I’m thinking July.

That’s what’s up. Now you’ve had a few hits that have been easily considered a summer anthem, do you have one on this new album that you think will keep the heat rising this summer?

I got this record called “Back To Da Money” and it’s so sick. It’s so sick. I think I’m going to make that the next single after “Keep It 100.” I got this other record called “You Want A Hot Boy,” it’s a female record, but it’s also that joint that’ll make a nigga feel good about their self. It’ll have you feeling yourself for real.

So who are the Chopper City Girls?

I’m taking this campaign from state to state looking for Chopper City Girls who want to be a model. There are so many things I want to do with it. We just shot this photo shoot for the calendar we’re doing. That’s going to be a department for if you want girls for you videos, or for this or for that.

So it’s like a talent agency, or a modeling agency for real women of all categories, like the southern girls or the thicker girls who might not always get that opportunity.

Yes, exactly. We want to put them in a situation so that they can get some money too.

You’ve been in the game for a while. Do you think that you’re sound has evolved, or your passion for what you’re rapping about his changed at all?

I’m going to be me regardless. As you grow older, you see a lot more you do a lot more and you experience a lot more, but as far as me, the same way I came in the game is the same way I’m going out. I can’t say my background made me, the streets made me, so I have to make sure I make them happy first and foremost.

Are there any features on any of these current projects that you are happy to have had the opportunity to work with, and is there anyone you haven’t had the chance to share the booth with that you want to send out a message to build a bridge to a possibility in that venture?

On “Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood,” I got Wayne, Juvenile, I got Maino on the album. That nigga Maino from Brooklyn, man he’s a real nigga and he is holding it down on the album. Young Buck, Plies, C-Murder. I got a little bit. I got some work. I got this record I’m about to do a record with Rick Ross that I might put on the album too. I really want to work with Snoop. Me and him already talked about it but we haven’t had a chance to get around to it. His schedule and my schedule are off the chain, but I want us to find some time to get in there together. I just like his whole swag. He’s a real nigga as a person and I just want to have that chance to work with him.

How’s “Life In The Concrete Jungle” holding up with the fans? That’s your second joint with The Chopper City Boyz right?

That was a mixtape. That was like a certified mixtape to set them up before the album. It’s going good in the streets. The streets accepted it with open arms, but the album is going to be twice as hot. We’re going full force.

Any last words for your fans at Yo! Raps?

“Keep It 100.” Follow your dreams and never let anyone tell you what you can’t do. Just do it, and do it right. I checked out your site. I like it. Y’all keep us well informed. Thanks for this interview!

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