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Bun B has spoken out in support of fellow Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion following her recent shooting, which Megan claimed was at the hands of Toronto rapper Tory Lanez.

In a video clip shared on Instagram this past Sunday (August 23), Bun B spoke on the situation and went in on Lanez.

F*ck Tory Lanez. I’m from Houston and if somebody would’ve done something to Megan in this city, we would’ve rolled.

Bun B

He added,

Megan in L.A. by herself. She ain’t got a mama no more; her mama’s gone. Her daddy’s gone. Her grandmother is gone. All the people that loved her and cared about her unconditionally — that looked out for her and would’ve protected her — ain’t there. So, as an O.G. in Houston, I’m standing up.

Bun B

The UGK legend also said that Lanez should seek help for whatever issues he may have.

I know Tory. I know his manager, I know all of ’em. F*ck all that, though. If the man on drugs, get him some goddamn rehab. If the man got mental health issues, get him some therapy. But he’s not just gon’ sit here and shoot this girl, and we not say nothin.

Bun B

As far as the real reason, Black men in the Hip-Hop industry have been quiet is because of the simple fact that Megan is a Black woman.

Nobody’s talking about it because it’s a Black woman. Y’all can say what y’all want, that’s just what it is…You let one of these actors or somebody that fck with one of these White women in Hollywood…put your hands on Alyssa Milano and see what happens. Put you hands on Lady Gaga and see how quick they lock yo ass up. We love Megan here, we brag about Megan, everybody wanna talk about that. Nobody saying nothing when she gets shot. We got memes, we got jokes, we got all that sht. Man, f*ck that. That’s supposed to be on the 5:30 national news. Constantly. I’m in Houston, they ain’t…I don’t think they ever talked about it on local news here.

Bun B

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