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The question is: Who started throwing a stack of bills in or around the vicinity of strip club dancers?

In a new interview with Estelle on Apple Music, which dropped on Thursday (September 21), So So Def founder Jermaine Dupri claimed he made it rain first.

“Talib Kweli talks about the first time that he ever came to Atlanta. He went to Magic City with me and Janet. They’re throwing the money in the air and people seeing that, ‘Make it rain.’ I actually was the person who created this because I did this first in the ‘Money Ain’t A Thing’ video, me and Jay-Z are in the car throwing money throughout the whole video,” said Dupri.

The record executive added, “That became my thing with that song, that became my thing going into these strip clubs. And I remember going to the club throwing the money. The first time I ever threw the money in the air, I probably threw a thousand dollars on the floor. And the girl at the strip club said, ‘You want me to get down on the floor and get my money?’ She didn’t understand what was happening.”

“I tried this a couple of places where I was out throwing money and people weren’t… It wasn’t a thing for them, they didn’t understand what was happening. And this is just my confirmation of me saying, ‘I know that I was the first person doing this.’”

“Money Ain’t A Thing” was released in 1998, and Dupri and Jay-Z did indeed throw money all around in the video, though they don’t ever say the term in the lyrics.

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