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Uncle Murda is the next rapper besides Fat Joe to claim that he lied about his life in his Rap lyrics.

During an interview with The Danza Project, the G-Unit affiliate talked about the image rappers portray and how truthful he has been over the years in cultivating his own.

“All rappers lie,” the New York began. “I remember I lied about getting shot in the head. That was early on in my career — I lied about getting shot in the head because I wanted to like, ‘Aight, shit, maybe I could get this whole 2Pac–50 Cent wave going on right now, n-gga.’”

“I just had the song with JAY-Z and Fab[olous] — the ‘Brooklyn’ record — and it was good momentum […] there really was a shooting that took place, and I’m like, let me act like I got shot in the head for real, and then it’s going to be like, ‘Oh shit! Murda got shot in the head! The next day he back like ain’t shit happen.’”

The 43-year-old added, “I was actually in a car that did get shot up, so it was a piece of glass from when the bullets hit the window — a piece of glass from the window actually cut my head and it was a little blood on my face, so it looked like it was a believable story at the time.”

Recently, Fat Joe claimed 95% of his Rap lyrics were false. The Terror Squad head honcho further explained that the lyrics aren’t representative of who he is as a person.

Watch the interview below:

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