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Buzzing rapper Tom MacDonald unveiled his introspective music video “Fighter,” directed by Nova Rockafeller. “Fighter” is the 10th single the Canadian rapper dropped in 2022.

The song finds Tom MacDonald using his own life story to act as an example of the mentality it takes to overcome obstacles. The 34 years old artist seems to primarily allude to the notion of regretting having engaged in drug abuse during his earlier years.

“Seriously, this is one of my favorite songs and videos I’ve ever made…and I know it’ll be alot of YOUR favorites too. A lot of people need this one!” Tom explained.

He added, “We’ve done a ton of political music this year but I’ve also done a ton of non-political music and it’s time to show it to you. I love being controversial. I love being offensive. I love being political. But I also love helpoing people and I promise you after you listen to this song, you will feel powerful! This one isn’t about pissing dorks off. It’s about empowering folks!”

Press play and watch the video for “Fighter” below.

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