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Ghostface Killah has shared that he has never watch Hulu’s popular show about the Wu-Tang Clan.

In the June 27 episode of the “Toure Show,” Ghostface talked with Touré and explained his reasoning for ignoring the popular television series entitled “Wu-Tang: An American Saga.”

“I never watched it. Never in my life. RZA knows that. I never watched it ‘cause that’s not my story. You want a Ghostface story, you get a Ghostface story,” the New York rapper explained.

“It’s not my story. You could take a piece of me and ‘Oh yo, he had two brothers with muscular dystrophy,’ know what I mean? I’m me, yo…like, there’s a story behind myself,” the lyrical titan further detailed.

“I’m glad that y’all saying it was good, ‘cause you know RZA my brother. He got a vision [of] something he wanna put on TV, alright cool. But I never got a chance to speak to the person that was writing me. Whoever was writing my parts out, I never got a chance to do my one-two after the first time. [I] did it one time and the first season it didn’t show up how I wrote it. I mean how I was talking to the person,” the Staten Island native continued.

Ghostface was portrayed by actor Siddiq Saunderson throughout the show’s run. He admitted he met with the creatives behind the show, but wasn’t thrilled with the direction.

Wu-Tang’s Method Man also admitted he was not a viewer in an episode of Kevin Hart’s “Gold Minds” podcast.

“I haven’t watched an episode personally, but I get the scripts ahead of time and you know, I mean, everything ain’t for everybody. I did not want to mess with their process. These people get paid to do these things…and sometimes you just gotta step back and keep your opinions to yourself,” Meth said.

“Wu-Tang: An American Saga” premiered in September 2019 and ran for three seasons on Hulu. The series starred Ashton Sanders, Shameik Moore, Dave East, Joey Bada$$, and more.

Check out Ghostface Killah’s full interview on the “Toure Show” below.

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